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Greek Salad Kymata Natural Leather Slip Ons


  • Handmade in Greece
  • High-quality leather
  • Geometrical cut-out design on the upper
  • Leather insole
  • Leather sole


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Greek Salad Kymata Natural Leather Slip Ons

Greek Salad Kymata natural leather slip ons are absolutely the new summer essentials! Moreover, high-quality leather features Greek Salad Kymata. In addition, the natural leather color is so versatile and easy to match, a classic and fresh choice for your look all day long. Their upper has a beautiful cut-out geometrical design! Additionally, Kymata slip ons have a comfortable leather insole. Furthermore, their leather sole provides you with the appropriate flexibility and antiskid capacity. Concluding, you can team your Kymata leather slip ons with all of your summer outfits!


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Christina Latsi is an islander. During her vacation in Paros, she decided to create her own handmade leather shoes. She inspired by the juicy greek salad that enjoyed that moment. As a result, she named her brand ”Greek Salad Sandals”. The brand was loved from the beginning. Furthermore, minimal designs, colors that team with everything, high quality, and the evident greek element are what make Greek Salad Sandals a success story. Fringes, designs inspired by Minoan culture and braids sustain Greek elements with an easy-chic character.


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