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Minorquines Avarca Platja Beige Leather Sandals


  • Made in Spain
  • High quality leather
  • Peep toe on the front
  • Beige leather upper and strap on the back
  • Leather insole
  • Rubber sole
  • H:2.5cm


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Minorquines Avarca Platja Beige Leather Sandals

Minorquines Avarca Platja beige leather sandals are the new summer essentials! Moreover, high-quality Spanish leather features Minorquines sandals. In addition, beige color is always a classic choice for any time long. The long beige leather upper covers your toes in an easy-chic way. Furthermore, it ends in a peep-toe front. Minorquines Avarca have a single strap on the back that ensures your comfort. Their leather insole is so soft! The rubber sole provides you with the appropriate stability and flexibility. Concluding, you can wear your Avarca sandals with your summer outfits in the city or even with your beach outfits!





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In Menorca, the least well-known Balearic island, the production of shoes and sandals has been a tradition since the end of the 19th century. Who would have thought at the time that the Menorcan sandal that would become the most famous would be a model created by a peasant!

In the 1950s, when Menorca found itself isolated due to its position in favor of the republicans during the Spanish Civil War, a peasant came up with the idea of making a pair of sandals for himself that was sturdy, practical, comfortable and most of all suitable for the hot local climate. His great idea was to make the sole from the rubber tread of a used tyre…

The sandals were adopted by the Menorcan people in the 1960s, and the island’s cobblers started to make these sandals to order.

But it wasn’t until the 1970s that the first workshops opened their doors to the production of “avarcas”, as these sandals are called by the Menorcans. From that moment on the sandals became popular with the rest of the inhabitants of the Balearic islands and with tourists who took them home in their suitcases. The name given to the sandals by French tourists was “Minorquines”.

Since that time these “Menorquinas” have conquered Spain… and have even become the favorite summer shoes of the Spanish royal family!


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