The Bag Half-Lux Necklace By CK


  • Handmade in Greece
  • Genuine leather
  • Magnet closure


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The Bag Half-Lux Necklace By CK

The Bag Half-Lux Necklace By CK is the perfect accessory to give a stylish note to all your outfits. Moreover, made in Greece, this necklace features premium leather quality and materials. Furthermore, it has a magnet closure which makes it very easy to put on. Also, its silver color is so versatile. You can wear yours, from day to night, and stand out.

Niutrack may be new, but “by THE BAG” is our history. Dating back to 1989 Ioulia Gamili opened THE BAG in the suburbs of Athens, being one of the first Greek entrepreneurs to import fashion shoes and accessories from Italy, Spain and France. She always only had one goal, to find the new, the different and the upcoming. A lot of brands have been in THE BAG before becoming megabrands, such as Coccinelle, Vic Matie, Albert Gozzi etc. We believe in our strength on finding the emerging brands so follow our path and you will be wearing today what the rest will be wearing tomorrow. Niutrack is the evolution of THE BAG. It is the digital path and the new experience we want to offer to each one of you, following the values that shaped our past.


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