Stretch your boots!!!

This winter make yourself comfortable wearing Stretch Boots. Easy to wear, from a casual denim outfit to pleated midi skirts and dresses.

The Bag Stretch Short Boots

Classic and stylish, The Bag stretch short boots are easy to walk with block heels of 5cm! Wear yours with everything from jeans to dresses.

Miista Genevieve

Miista Genevieve Black Suede Stretch Boots have a leg-hugging silhouette and elegant heel. Genevieve is characterized by its peculiar heels. Peculiar but very comfortable!


E8 By Miista Azra

E8 By Miista Azra black leather boots are the new season‘s essentials. Match your Azra boots with midi skirts and dresses.

E8 By Miista Abigail

The stretch fabric part of E8 by Miista Abigail black leather stretch boots offers comfort and style at the same time.

E8 By Miista Alisa

E8 By Miista Alisa black leather boots are contemporary and easy to wear. Let yours peek out under floral dresses and midi skirts.


The Bag Stretch Boots

Black color is always a classic choice for every look. The “second skin” fitting offers comfort and style.


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Niutrack By The Bag


“Niutrack” may be new, but “by THE BAG” is our history. Dating back to 1989 Ioulia Gamili opened THE BAG in the suburbs of Athens, being one of the first Greek entrepreneurs to import fashion shoes and accessories from Italy, Spain and France. She always had one goal, to find the new, the different and the upcoming. A lot of brands have been in THE BAG before becoming megabrands, such as Coccinelle, Vic Matie, Albert Gozzi etc. We believe in our strength on finding the emerging brands so follow our path and you will be wearing today what the rest will be wearing tomorrow. Niutrack is the evolution of THE BAG. It is the digital path and the new experience we want to offer to each one of you, following the values that shaped our past.

London shoe brand Miista has a fashion-forward approach to style. Spanish-born Laura Villasenin established the label Miista for the girl who is curious, anti-uniform, confident and open-minded. Her experimental designs on Miista shoes put together opposite styles and the result is the “unexpected” that balances the unusual with fine design. Moreover, a key characteristic of the brand Miista, is the soft leather and the “wearability” which allows the Miista shoes to be one of the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ve ever tried.