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Alberto Gozzi shoes

Alberto Gozzi

A historical brand on the shoe field since the seventies, appreciated by clients always more exigent.
The brand draws its name from the founder, who has long been a leader among Italian shoemakers. Gifted with creativity and extreme care for details, right from his first collections, Alberto Gozzi blended cutting edge manufacturing with technological innovation, important values which ensured the success of the brand, putting it at the fore among all the main European retailers.

The style of the shoes blends the most developed production technologies with the manual touch irreplaceable of the craftsmanship. In addition to a contemporary, modern look, which characterises the collections, there is meticulous attention to detail at every phase of production: each Alberto Gozzi shoe goes through at least eighty manufacturing steps. Femininity and exclusivity are the right adjectives to describe shoe collections dedicated to women who know how to choose and who are seek the top, also in terms of quality and creativity. A company who knows every movement of the major market and never forgive the importance of the fashion offering to clients a perfect dynamism.

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