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Gianni Chiarini Bags

Gianni Chiarini

A brand born from the dream of a young man that wants to bring his father’s craftsmanship to a whole new world.
Today, the dream is reality.

The beautiful Gianni Chiarini bags, handcraft made in the Florentine area, born from an extraordinary creative vision, result from the combination of art and business. Thus they have now become an icon of reference in the world of leather. A leather that is still worked by antique artisan skills, creating accessories with a new flair and a pure design idea.
Moreover a Cosmopolitan brand, fresh and modern but at the same time sophisticated.

Furthermore Gianni Chiarini represents a company that has evolved in about thirty years to succeed today in writing its name within the online fashion world, with sales all over the world.  From an ancient dream to an international expansion: this is how today, Gianni Chiarini, fascinates women of all ages, all over the planet.

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