If you are not happy with your purchase you may return it to us either to exchange it for something else of equal or higher value or to get a credit note for future purchase or to get a refund.

The returned product must be unused and in the condition that was delivered, ie. with the brand’s tag on, with the security tag on (in case of handbags), or the adhesive label unspoiled on the bottom of the shoes ( in case of shoes). The product must be in its original inside packaging. The receipt must be in the packaging.

You will have to complete the Returns’ form that you will find in the original packaging and send it to us with the product.

You may return a product within 18 days of the day of delivery.

If you are returning the product from Greece then please contact us to arrange the collection of the returned product with our own forwarder. The collection will be free, the delivery of the new product replacing the returned one as well.

If you are returning the product from EU,  for purchases of 250€ and over we  collect the product with our own forwarder and it is free of charge. For purchases less than 250€   we collect again the product with our forwarder and charge you   25€ . The  shipment of the new product will be charged as initially.

If you are returning the product from outside EEU, be careful so that the product is not charged with custom duties at arrival. We do not cover custom duties expenses.

If you are returning the product and want to be refunded you have to return it on your expenses.

Please return to:

The Bag – Ioulia Gamili

56 Perikleous str

15561 Holargos, Greece

For any case please contact us   at  or call us on 0030 2106516672.