Aaand yes that was a dream coming true… I have always been wanting to go there and I was dreaming what to wear etc and I was stalking every single person on Instagram the previous years who was at Coachella. It wasn’t such a big event when I first heard about it, but look at it now, it was the “must” in social media and even snapchat created a filter with flowers for Coachella.

And may the Americans have it as a tradition to be going there but for us, the Europeans it is still a long way to go (thank god I made a friend on the plane ?). And even if you make it to LA then the real adventure starts which is finding a ticket that is not gonna cost you the salaries of the past 2 months. However we overcame this as well, and here we areee

It was such an amazing experience guys, feels like Coachella merges so successfully music and fashion, everyone there had paid so much attention to detail on what they were wearing it was crazy, and all these in a completely dusty and NOT clean environment… Not to mention that you had to walk hours as the area was so wide and even the parking lot was like 30 mins away… So the last thing I wanted to do was overthink what to wear… I mean something nice but comfy was the best option and of course my Manebi espadrilles…


BUT still it was a bless being there, I mean where else in the world it happens to have Calvin Harris on the decks and surprisingly Rihanna to appear, without no one know it? Or seeing Kanye West as a surprise guest? However, if you ask me even if a lot of the artists were amazing THE moment was one, and it was when Guns n Roses came on stage. It was a lifetime experience, listening to Sweet Child O Mine, Paradise City and November live from these legends.

That’s crazy! Anyway, what I want to tell you is that if you ever have the opportunity to think about going there just not have any second thought about it because you are really gonna have the time of your life…

Anyway back to reality now and to city shoes till summer vacations timeee