Loafers We Love ♡

Grab the opportunity and renew your wardrobe with loafers, which are a must for this season. Wear your loafers all day and give a more stylish note to your outfits. Find all our collections on Niutrack.com.


KMB BLACK LEATHER LOAFERS KMB Black Leather Sneakers €132.00

KMB Taupe Leather Loafers €132.00KMB TAUPE LEATHER LOAFERS

LILIMILL BLACK LEATHER FRINGED LOAFERSLilimill Black Leather Fringed Loafers €165.00

Lilimill Off-White Leather Fringed Loafers €165.00LILIMILL OFF WHITE LEATHER FRINGED LOAFERS

KMB BURGUNDY WEDGED LOAFERSKMB Burgundy Wedged Loafers €139.00

KMB Burgundy Wedged Loafers €139.00KMB Black Chunky Leather Loafers