Dragon Diffusion Grace Handwoven Basket Tan Calf Leather

Original price was: €335.00.Current price is: €285.00.

  • Designed in Belgium
  • Genuine calf leather
  • Unlined and open-top
  • Dimensions: W 35.5cm L:20.3cm D:17.5cm

Original price was: €335.00.Current price is: €285.00.

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Dragon Diffusion Grace Handwoven Basket Tan Calf Leather

The soft calf leather in Dragon Diffusion Grace Handwoven Basket Tan features elegant braided top handles. Furthermore, it features a diagonal weave that keeps its form. Moreover, this is the ideal accessory for a laid-back spring and summer evening. Also, over time this bag will age and develop a natural patina that only traditional leather will give. Wear your Dragon Diffusion Grace Basket to give a more stylish note to your outfits!


Dragon Diffusion creates handmade woven leather handbags with respect for tradition. The special Hand Braiding technique has been developed through our respect for Traditional Leather Craft and the natural vegetable dying process of our leather straps is unique. Our inspiration comes from traditional Basket Weaving cultures and from Japanese Bamboo Basketry to Fibre baskets crafted from natural plants by ethnic South Pacific communities. Dragon Diffusion designs and manufactures beautifully handmade leather handbags using traditional weaving techniques. We create each piece with the utmost respect for heritage craftsmanship.

In addition, we carefully craft our hand braiding method with great admiration for time-honored leatherworking. Furthermore, we dye our leather straps with natural vegetable-based dyes, creating a unique look & feel that is exclusive to us. The traditional Basket Weaving cultures from numerous regions, such as Japanese Bamboo Basketry and ethnic South Pacific communities, that create beautiful baskets from natural resources, became an inspiration for our work. The key point is that although the function of the bag changes, the function of today adapts the contemporary look.

From the South Pacific Islands to New Zealand Tribal Kit bags, to the fabulous Japanese craft of Bamboo Basketry, and the refined Wicker Paniers & Baskets from France and the UK – all of this basketry work has been transposed into our craft of Leather Weaving. You can find these basket bags in almost all countries in the world.


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