E8 By Miista Lohana Black Clogs

Original price was: €210.00.Current price is: €147.00.

  • Made in Portugal
  • Genuine calf leather
  • Chunky rubber sole
  • Vegan fur lining
  • Heel H: 6cm

Original price was: €210.00.Current price is: €147.00.

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E8 By Miista Lohana Black Clogs

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E8 By Miista Lohana Black Clogs are the hottest trend of the season. These clogs feature premium calf leather in the upper body and other premium materials . Moreover, E8 Lohana clogs is the perfect winter item for your shoe collection as it provides comfort and warmth. In addition, E8 by Miista Lohana have a unique chunky rubber sole that helps with the stability of the foot and at the same time gives off a stylish finish. The unique shape of the clogs are here to make a statement and leave a strong impression! Wear your eye-catching, modern E8 by MiistaH Lohanas with everything to give a more stylish note to your outfits.

Miista brings together opposites in deliberate juxtapose. Miista unites the nostalgia of Laura Villasenin’s rural Spanish heritage with a modernist female sentiment. Indeed, it’s a pastiche of all those childhood memories of a beautiful farm on the Atlantic coast of Galicia, as well as, the contemporary East London setting. Her experimental designs on Miista shoes put together opposite styles. The result is the unexpected that balances the unusual with fine design. Also, a key characteristic of  Miista shoes is the soft leather and wearability. This allows the Miista shoes to be some of the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever tried. Furthermore, the name “Miista” pr. /m.ï.s-ta/ is a playful bending of conventions in salute to the worldly and irreverent modern woman. Femininity isn’t just comfort, it is comfortable shoes.


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