E8 Miista Paloma Black Leather Mid Heels

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  • Designed in London
  • Soft calf leather
  • Insole in nappa and suede leather
  • Transparent acrylic heel
  • H:5cm

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E8 Miista Paloma Black Leather Mid Heels


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E8 Miista Paloma black leather mid heels are the most effortless of the mule world. Designed in London, the E8 mules embody a leather cross over  upper that upgrades your style. Furthermore, these Paloma mid heels have a double leather texture in the sole that makes them really unique. Moreover, E8 mules have a statement see through heel of 5cm. In addition, these black leather mules are the answer to your demand about style and fashion. Concluding, the soft leather insole as well as the synthetic sole ensure comfort and anti skid capacity.






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Miista brings together opposites in deliberate juxtapose. Moreover, embodying an elegant balance in the unusual through an informed marriage of design, material and craft. Additionally, Miista unites the nostalgia of my rural Spanish heritage with a modernist female sentiment, translating cinematic, surreal, and retrospective inspirations into timeless styles rendered in Italian leathers and unexpected materials. In addition, it’s a pastiche of all those childhood memories of a beautiful farm on the Atlantic coast of Galicia, dropped like a stranger into a contemporary East London setting.

The name “Miista” pr. /m.ï.s-ta/ is a playful bending of conventions in salute to the worldly and irreverent modern woman. Femininity isn’t just comfort it is comfortable shoes. Femininity is non-disposable, quality, keep-me leather goods. It’s informed, wearable and non-prescribed. We could go on… but shoes are a good place to start.


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