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Lemon Jelly Splash 19 Military Green Chelsea Boots


  • Made in Portugal
  • Microfiber absorbent insole
  • Side elastic panels
  • Matte finish
  • Lemon scent


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Lemon Jelly Splash 19 Military Green Chelsea Boots

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Lemon Jelly Splash 19 boots make rainy days sound so good. Made in Portugal, Lemon Jelly Splash feature a dry matte finish in a green tone. Moreover, they feature a microfiber absorbent insole with a sweet lemon scent that will make you fall in love. Furthermore, their side elastic panels make them very easy to put on. Also, their color is so versatile that you can match it with every outfit. Lemon Jelly Splash is perfect for the winter days and will perfectly accompany you in your everyday tasks giving a more stylish note to your looks.

The Lemon Jelly journey started more than twenty years ago. Designed and produced in Portugal, Lemon Jellys are 100% waterproof. From the wettest days between pools of water to the hottest summers spent by the pool, you will not find better companions than your Lemon Jelly. Innovative finishings, new assembly techniques, humidity control, and temperature stabilization. Moreover, we push ourselves every day to find solutions to life’s everyday problems. We ensure that we always give you the best products.

Furthermore, Lemon Jelly models are feature raw materials that meet the European REACH standards for environmental and health protection. Although we use the highest technology and innovation to produce our Jelly’s, we rely on the watchful eye of more than 350 people who give full attention to the details. It’s precise details like this that make them so special! The incorporation of the sweet lemon fragrance in the material gives your Lemon Jelly a wonderful and fresh scent. We believe that our sustainable path is built every day. We make every step count, and challenge ourselves with each new collection in the constant search for a lower impact on our planet. Manufactured in Europe with 100% renewable energy. Our shoes are Vegan and approved by PETA.


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