Manebi Yucatan Orange Rust Raffia Stripes Espadrilles


  • Handmade in Spain
  • High quality raffia
  • Fabric insole
  • Microfiber with thin natural rubber layer
  • Flatform H: 4cm


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Manebi Yucatan Orange Rust Raffia Stripes Espadrilles


Manebi Yucatan Orange Rust Raffia Stripes Espadrilles are a unique choice for the most trendy summer. Handcrafted in Spain, Manebi’s Yucatan espadrilles in orange rust are one of the brand’s most wanted models! High-quality raffia and soft microfiber lining features Manebi Hamptons espadrilles. Moreover, these Raffia espadrilles are the easiest to wear and they can nail every outfit from the beach to your summer night out on the island. These Manebi espadrilles are set on a slip-resistant microfiber thin rubber base which makes them very comfortable and breathable. Just wear your Yucatan with everything, as orange is the “must” color for every season and every combination.

Manebi espadrilles are handmade using century-old techniques, which make each pair different and unique. Moreover, these espadrilles have a Spanish soul as they are made by expert craftsmen in la rioja and an Italian touch as they are designed in Milan. The sole, made of natural jute, guarantees great breathability. It makes manebí shoes perfect during the warmest of months.  Moreover, a thin rubber layer protects the jute from humidity and contact with water. Additionally, the most renowned Italian and European suppliers work on fabrics and leathers. Furthermore, the research of natural fiber materials,  such as cotton and linen whilst always respecting the brand identity and philosophy.


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