Meher Kakalia Ottoman Embroidered Navy Moccasin


  • Designed in Berlin
  • Genuine leather
  • Upper part hand tie-dye with handcrafted embroidery
  • Soft leather at heel to be worn as a slip-on
  • Leather lining
  • Rubber patches on sole for anti-skid capacity


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Meher Kakalia Ottoman Embroidered Navy Moccasin

Meher Kakalia Ottoman Embroidered Navy Moccasin will become your favorite spring-summer moccasin. The Ottoman moccasin in tie-dye leather, has a Japanese-inspired rounded silhouette and is embellished with elaborate embroidery. Moreover, these flat moccasins have shimmering metallic threads that make them stand out even more. Furthermore, these Meher Kakalia Ottoman Moccasins in navy tie-dye color are so versatile as you can wear it in two different ways. It can be worn as a loafer for more formal occasions or as a slip-on for a hot summer day! Wear your Ottoman moccasins and make a styling statement.

Meher Kakalia was founded in a hot summer in London, Meher Kakalia decided to create a brand of shoes and accessories based on hand embroidery and traditional craftsmanship. Having grown up amongst trunks of old textiles and rich traditions, she wanted to bring this world into fashion accessories. Each collection starts in our Atelier in London and Berlin where we work with technical specialists in Europe. These designs are then transformed into embellished shoes and accessories – each shoe is hand crafted by master craftsmen who work with the embellished uppers to create shoes and bags.

To achieve our goals of producing quality in a sustainable way, we set up our own workshop in Karachi. Our workshop is an incredibly creative space where craft and fashion meet in a “sustainable” environment. By using hand craft and working by daylight in the villages we minimise the use of electricity. We started the brand using recycled cartons and continue to use embellishments spun from plastic waste. It is not only about the final product but the whole process involves minimising waste, using public transport to move embroideries across villages instead of courier flights.


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