Paola Ferri Green Metalic Medium Heel Elegant Sandals


  • Made in Italy
  • High leather quality
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Heel H: 4cm


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Paola Ferri Green Metalic Medium Heel Elegant Sandals

Paola Ferri Green Metalic Medium Heel Elegant Sandals are the hottest trend of the season. Moreover, designed in Italy, these Paola Ferri sandals feature premium leather quality and materials. More precisely, they feature genuine leather both on the upper and inside. These leather sandals also feature a non-slip rubber sole. In addition, the green metalic color of these heel sandals is so versatile and unique at the same time. These Paola Ferri leather sandals are easy to wear with everything and are a must have for a chic summer wardrobe. Paola Ferri sandals promise you to be the most comfortable heel sandals you have ever tried!

Contemporary concept, pure Paola Ferri Platinum Leather Block Heel Sandalsof global aesthetic contaminations characterize Paola Ferri. Moreover, their creations have a constantly evolving femininity that brings originality and charm to every woman’s everyday life. Furthermore, dynamism and eclecticism are perfectly condensed in the masterful combinations of colors and textures that characterize all Paola Ferri pieces. The Paola Ferri firm began in the charm of the Tuscan hills and is a brand of Albamoda shoe factory. From the idea of Paola Balsotti and Sandro Ferri, the shoe factory has now over 25 years of experience and the competence of local artisans.


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