Vic Matie Betty Black Slash Heel Leather Sandals

Original price was: €319.00.Current price is: €225.00.

  • Made in Italy
  • Genuine nappa leather
  • Curved band
  • Adjustable leather strap that wraps around the ankle
  • Buckle closure
  • Pointed toe
  • Slash heel with matt finish
  • Non-slip leather sole
  • Heel H: 6cm

Original price was: €319.00.Current price is: €225.00.

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Vic Matie Betty Black Slash Heel Leather Sandals

Vic Matie Betty Black Slash Heel Leather Sandals are so chic and stylish. Moreover, made in Italy, these sandals feature premium nappa leather quality and materials. Furthermore, they have a curved band at the upper front as a detail. In addition, these Vic Matie sandals feature adjustable leather strap with buckle closure that wraps around the ankle. They also feature a pointed toe and a slash heel with matt finish which makes them very elegant and trendy. They have a non-slip leather sole which is very stable. Their heel gives a little height but at the same time is very comfortable and easy to walk. Match your Vic Matie sandals with everything and give a more stylish note to your outfits.

Vic Matié begun in 1987, is a brand of Linea Marche spa. This company specialized in footwear that since 1972 produces the brands O.X.S. O.X.S. Rubber Sole with headquarters in the Marche, one of two regions of Italy where there is an international production of luxury footwear. Moreover, the characteristics of the Vic Matié brand, the focus on creativity, research and experimentation in the search for new design and material solutions, are supported by the Made-in-Italy know-how that Linea Marche inherited that guarantee a standard of high quality. Concluding, the mission of the brand is not only to create beautiful products that define one’s style and identity in line with fashion trends, but to design objects that can withstand the test of time.


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