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Nanni Milano
The company was founded in the 80’s by Architect Vittorio Nanni. His passion and creativity gave birth to iconic products such as the subway and the twist rock belts.
The knowhow and all the elements that form Nanni’s identity have been passed on to the second generation. Giordano Nanni, son of Vittorio, is now leading the company to new horizons, applying a modern approach.

He continues to strike the balance between artisanal technicality and high aesthetics, thus honouring the past, as these were two main characteristics that were always present in all “Nanni Milano” collections.

Caterina Lucchi is a company with over 25 years of history. It is very active in the design, production, and distribution of Italian made handbags and accessories. Caterina Lucchi started in 1983 in Cesena, Italy, when she was still a student and almost by chance, started to produce the first models of bags, and passion became a real job. A feminine and sophisticated style is the typical element of the brand and looking at the finest leathercraft traditions, gives life to bags designed to be truly timeless must-haves in a woman’s closet. At the core of creativity, there is the top quality of the materials used and the attention to details that make each and every bag special. All collections exude authenticity, passion for high-quality craftsmanship, and continuous research. Evermore precious materials, such as alligator and reptile, are shaped on forms and elegant lines playing a rich and refined style. Every piece is timeless womenswear essential.

Starting from this simple concept in 1987, the brand ‘’Alchimia’’ took its first steps in the market creating a young and original style.
Alchimia’s changing features are directly addressed to a public always in search of distinction, transformation and novelty. ‘’Alchimia’’ represents a life style, an easy way to renew yourself trough a simple object, in order to satisfy the multiple identities of the 3rd millennium consumer.

Inspired by the magical-scientific-religious activities of the alchemist, using intuition, fantasy, creativity and practicality ‘’Alchimia’’ invites you to be open to innovation.