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Muuñ Mini Caba P Removable Pouch Black Straw Bag

Muuñ Mini Caba P Removable Pouch Straw Bag €135.00

Coccinelle Orchestra Tabac Leather And Raffia Bucket €315.00

Coccinelle Orchestra Tabac Leather And Raffia Bucket €315.00

Paloma Barcelo Iggy Flesh Beige Wedges

Paloma Barcelo Iggy Flesh Beige Wedges €229.00

Muuñ Sophie Removable Pouch Ecru Handles Straw Bag

Muuñ Sophie Removable Pouch Ecru Handles Straw Bag €180.00

Manebi Hamptons Wedge Espadrilles Champagne Beige

Manebi Hamptons Wedge Espadrilles Champagne Beige €155.00

Muun Sophie Removable Pouch Black Straw Bag

Muuñ Sophie Removable Pouch Black Handles Straw Bag €180.00

Manebi Black Suede Espadrilles Mules

Manebi Black Suede Mules €100.00


Inspired by Scandinavian design, Muuñ has reinterpreted the traditional straw bag into a timeless and aesthetic object. Moreover, The genesis of Muun was in 2004. Audrey, a Japanese-speaking interpreter and fashion consultant, decides to go on a trip. Furthermore, Bound for West Africa to discover the crafts and the craftsmen from Senegal and Burkina-Faso, the idea of creating Muuñ actually takes root in the heart of the small town of Nyariga in North Ghana. Thus, The brand’s DNA emerges, MUUÑ – a fashionable reinterpretation of the traditional basket. In addition, Muuñ’s signature straw bag is reinterpreted with a personalised and detachable pouch be it woollen or in cooler fabrics, plain or colourful, zipped or tied. All carefully selected natural materials wrought by women (and men), working closely on the muuñ adventure. The brand’s identity lies in the association of noble materials and singular skills.

Manebi espadrilles are handmade using century old techniques, which make each pair different and unique. Moreover, these espadrilles have a spanish soul as they are made by expert craftsmen in la rioja and an italian touch as they are designed in Milan. The sole, made of natural jute, guarantees great breathability. It makes manebí shoes perfect during the warmest of months.  A thin rubber layer protects jute from humidity and the contact with water. Aditionally, the most renowned italian and european suppliers work on the fabrics and the leathers. Furthermore, the research of natural fiber materials,  such as cotton and linen whilst always respecting the brand identity and philosophy.

Paloma Barcelo started as a family-run business that began back in 1960 when Manuel Barceló opened his first footwear factory in Spain. Today, the company operates by the second generation. Craftsmanship and expertise are what has made this family business a leader in natural fibers and hand-braided and stitched leather. Moreover, the philosophy of this brand is the best quality, expression, and culture. Furthermore, the best quality is an essential requirement of every step of the production of each pair of shoes. Expression is the brand’s most distinctive feature. Strong, unequivocal, and honest. Culture is the brand’s approach to the environment. Craftsmanship and passion for art is inspiration for new designs. Awareness of tradition, respect for cultural values, love for aesthetics characterize Paloma Barcelo.

Coccinelle is  an Italian Brand that started in 1978 in  Parma province and today is recognisable all over the world. This famous brand provides bags and accessories that interpret the modern woman. In other words, the products are dynamic, glamorous and urban. Moreover, the special features of  Coccinelle bags are the style identity, production quality, the blend of innovation and tradition. In addition, the brand develops stylish creations designed to accompany and enrich the daily life of women all over the world. All you have to do is to explore this world and find out which bag suits perfectly to your personality.