Layering, layering, layering… This is a trend that we have known for a while but only this winter we discovered the ideal warm pieces that can be worn on top of the layers. Capes and ponchos are the new coats and that is a fact! I feel that this is a continuation of the pyjama or the athleisure trend as what really happens is that we try to keep the bed and home coziness all day long. So, we replace heels with slippers, clothes with pyjamas and coats with blankets (aka ponchos and capes), this really sounds as an ideal day outfit!

This trend will work ideally for all of you that love the boho-gypsy style during the summer and didn’t know how to keep it for the winter.  Inspired by the traditional South American poncho, the almost blanket like piece features rich colours, luxurious fabrics and can be a key piece in your wardrobe which will add a boho touch to your looks.

Embrace this style with the right shoes bags and accessories.

So layer up, throw on a poncho or a cape on top and enjoy your day!