Colours of Nature

Express your natural self with our new accessories in warm earthy tones and patterns inspired by nature!


Nalho is not just a name, it is not simply a shoe, it is a culture. In 2015 Thomas Amanou traveled to India and got inspired by its vibrant culture. The idea was to make a comfortable version of his favorite shoe, the espadrille. He then returned to Miami on a mission to create this revolutionary shoe, and in 2017 Nalho yoga mat sandals were born. All Nalho shoes include a yoga mat insole for cushioning that recreates the feeling of walking on a yoga mat, so they have become popular with fashionistas and yogis alike who love their beauty and stylish comfort. Whether you are traveling and need a chic yet comfortable shoe to tour your destination, or shopping with friends, there is a Nalho espadrille that will complement your outfit.

181 proposes slippers for women, the comfortable walking slippers, young and fun for the enthusiastic and refined woman who feels comfortable even with flat shoes and who plays with fashion. Uno8Uno is a trend coming from Hollywood where actresses and jet setters have worn them even for red carpet occasions and is now spreading in Italy and all around the world. Also by us, women more ‘ attentive have been ” liberated” from the fun spirit of these shoes that plays down the elegance and combines the convenience’. The Uno8Uno collection never stops playing with the slippers and each season they propose new ideas that catch our attention!

Gianni Chiarini
A brand born from a young man’s dream whose goal was to bring his father’s craftsmanship to a whole new world. The beautiful Gianni Chiarini bags are handcrafted and made in the Florentine area. The extraordinary creative vision, as well as the combination of art and business, is what characterize the products. Thus, they have now become an icon of reference in the world of leather. Indeed, the leather is still worked by antique artisan skills which create accessories with a new flair and a pure design idea. Furthermore, the brand represents a company that has evolved in about thirty years and succeded, today, in writing its name within the online fashion world. Moreover, Gianni Chiarini is a Cosmopolitan brand, fresh and modern but at the same time sophisticated. From an ancient dream to international expansion: this is how today, Gianni Chiarini, fascinates women of all ages, all over the planet.

Greek Salad
Inspired by the Greek culture and beautiful islands, each style is named after a beach of Paros, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Hydra, and many other Greek islands. Greek Salad are handcrafted in Greece and ideal for your summer gateways.

E8 by Miista shoes are more easy going and budget-friendly collection of Miista. It is a striking footwear label channeling creativity, heritage, and youthful rebellion. Taking inspiration from provocative art, fashion, and also music, E8 by Miista creates shoes, boots, and sandals with graffiti-esque graphics, bold studs, and innovative, unusual shapes. Additionally, each collection’s statement styles offer comfort and effortless art school cool. Furthermore, a key characteristic of the brand Miista is the soft leather and the “wearability” which allows Miista shoes to be the most comfortable shoes you have ever tried. In addition, the brand unites the nostalgia of the designer’s rural Spanish heritage with a modernist female sentiment. Also, the timeless style, the Italian leathers, and the high-quality materials are what make Miista shoes unique. Femininity is not just comfort, it is comfortable shoes.