It might not be the first time for me to visit Dubai but it was by far the best. I was always recommending people to go as it is absolutely insane what the human can create in the middle of the desert within 10 years, however it was the first time that I truly enjoyed it. I believe an important role played the fact that this time I explored the city with someone who actually lives there so he took us to all the best spots.

What is incredible with this emirate is the way it merges the two civilizations, the two natures, the desert one and the Manhattan one as I always call it. As a result, our days were actually split between those two… And as I only went for four days, I really had to get full advantage of those.

Day 1

Finally at the beach.. Living in London makes me crave the warmer weather, the sea and the sun which means that this morning was like a dream coming true… We were in a Resort outside of Dubai which had a beautiful beach and even if the weather was cloudy, it felt like the best place to be; plus in this country you get tanned so easily! Then, we went to Dubai Mall – Burj Khalifa (they are in the same area) and we had our lunch by the fountains; btw I love Lebanese cuisine and I don’t even know how many tonnes of hummus i managed to eat within  4 days. Dubai Mall is an attraction itself and the view of the fountains dancing with the Burj Khalifa standing behind is simply magical!

Day 2

We woke up, had lots of hummus for breakfast and then we went to Dubai Marina. It is such a nice walk by the canals, I believe it is the best spot in the city for a coffee or drinks…It was very busy as always but it is simply beautiful seeing so many people around you from so many different nationalities coexist in the same country.

Afterwards, I got inside a local supermarket; I am always super curious to see what people eat in different countries and how their every day life looks like. As for Dinner we tried Cavalli Club which is definitely one of the best clubs I have ever been. Don’t forget to have some shots in the ice club ( -34 Celsius) on your way out.

Day 3

This day was maybe the best! As we have done the safari in a previous trip (if you haven’t you shouldn’t miss it), we decided to just go for a coffee in a Resort in the desert. While the city is all about modernity, glass, and entertainment, the desert is all about silence, vastness, and getting lost. A guy in the resort was kind enough to drive us around the desert with his baggy and it was simply magical. The fun fact is that because it has been raining quite a lot this year, the desert had lots of green…

Later, we drove back to Dubai and went to the Gold Souk, which is situated only some miles away from the skyscrapers but is a completely different world. People dressed in their traditional Arab clothing were calling you to buy from their treasures and as far as it concerns myself they were trying to dress me up as  they didn’t really like my short skirt x). Then we got into a small boat and got transfered to the other side of the creek where are all the pashmines and bahar market is; the colors in the streets were blending all together between the fabrics, cinnamons and shaffron creating an alluring landscape..

PS I can’t wait for the new Manebi to arrive as I keep wearing my very old ones…

Day 4

Every good thing comes to an end and so did this trip… For the last day I wore my ballarinas in order to be comfortable and stylish! We started our day with the Aquarium in Dubai Mall which I haven’t visited before and was such a unique experience. I loved all those different types of fish with all their amazing colors and of course the sharks; I have to admit I didn’t take the risk of swimming with them but I saved it for next time. Then we did some shopping, walked in the Mall of Emirates, had some tonnes of meat and headed to the airport; landed at 6 and went straight to work…

Another week was starting and felt like these 4 days were just a dream; and what I realized is that in the end of the day what matters most is spending time with people you love despite in which country, city or village you are ?