Far Far West…

This season we are talking about Cowboy Boots! On Niutrack.com you will find a great selection of Western Boots.

Pick your favourite!


Vic Matie Paloma Black Suede Western Boots

Vic Matie Paloma are the ultimate essential boots for the new season.

Alberto gozzi Jane glitter ankle boots worn

Alberto Gozzi Jane Glitter Ankle Boots

The perfect evolution of the classic texan boot.


Alberto Gozzi Gero Roccia Leather Boots

Proposal of roccia leather on Cowboy Boots.


Alberto Gozzi Gero Black Leather Boots

Make your outfits remarkable with black leather Cowboy Boots!

Lilimill 6723 Black Croc Effect Suede Ankle Boots

Lilimill 6723 Suede Ankle Boots

Upgrade your floral dresses and jeans with these Croc Effect Western Boots!

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Vic Matié is a brand of Linea Marche SPA. The company specializes in footwear since 1972 and produces the brands O.X.S. & Rubber Sole. The characteristics of the Vic Matié brand are the focus on creativity, research and experimentation in the search for new design and material solutions.

The Alberto Gozzi brand draws its name from its founder. Gifted with creativity and extreme care for details, right from his first collections, Alberto Gozzi blended cutting edge manufacturing with technological innovation. Moreover, a contemporary, modern look characterises the collections. In addition, there is meticulous attention to detail in every phase of production. Thus, each Alberto Gozzi shoe goes through at least eighty manufacturing steps. Women who know how to play with accessories and want to leave a mark when they pass, without giving up comfort.

Behind Lilimill there is the story of Vueffe Srl, the shoe factory that got established in 1989 in Marche. But the true story started in 1960. That date, Primo Fenni created a small atelier for childhood shoes production. Later, in 1974 his daughter converted that atelier into a big factory special to the production of modern shoes. Today, the third generation is sustained by the sons Favio and Francesco who inheritted and evolved the passion of their parents. Moreover, they continued to design and produce shoes and bags with the brand Lilimill from 2006.