Flatforms and platforms are having their come back -yayyy- 🎉 the only sort of heel that managed to combine fashion with comfort is back on trend and we are loving it! Do you prefer it to be a slide or a back strap sandal? Well, there is something for everyone and don’t forget that they are also on sale! Happy shopping people 😘

Uno8uno Eyasi black sequin flatforms

the discreet shine. Furthermore, black sequins cover the strap on the back that close with a stable fabric on the buckle. 

Maypol Opal black flatform

perfect for your everyday walks!  In addition, black color sustains always a classic choice for any outfit

Maypol Opal flatform...

the elegant white!  Furthermore, the jute element gives the summer mood you need.

Elvio Zanon metallic leather flatforms

 such a great upper!  Furthrmore, the black beige pinstripe platform sustains a remarkable element.

Elvio Zanon in white

 following the trend of knitted leather! . It is about a crossover upper with white strap on the back with a gold color buckle.


The brand Uno8uno was named after the date it was born on, 18.1.2011: an adventure which began with the challenge of creating an amusing and trendy slipper. 181 quickly met with increasing success, in several countries, appearing in the most prestigious points of sale. Each season leads to evolutions in style, while constantly respecting trending fashions. A brand designed by an eclectic team with a passion for fashion, drawing inspiration from many trips through custom and costume. A product entirely made in Italy, created by the skilful hands of craftsmen, while constantly highlighting original creativity.

The essence and philosophy of Maypol whose goal is the cosmopolitan and modern woman seeking comfort and sophistication in their daily lives. Additionally, product made by hand, maintaining the tradition of its origins and printing a unique character  with exclusive beauty. Moreover, original designs, materials and comfortable ergonomics care for women of our time. Concluding, the final balance to the international picture emerges from the hands of the next generation projecting the world as a cosmopolitan product and adapting it to the needs of the modern woman.

Elvio Zanon knows and interprets the female world, creating shoes for women that have a glamorous soul, for women that want to feel feminine in every occasion. Moreover, the brand embodies the expression of the ‘esprit de jeunesse’, with a perfect mix of fashion, quality and design. Concluding, with contemporary, wide-ranging collections, Elvio Zanon brings the spirit of style and craftsmanship to footwear and bags – everything a woman could ask for in one single product.

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