Fashion trends are changing very fast and what we have seen the past years is a torque towards more fun and colourful clothes. Even I, as a person that have always been fond of minimalism and the scandinavian trend, I have started adding a bit of flowers in my wardrobe and if I did it you can definitely do it as well. This trend is very much inspired by Asian countries such as China and Japan that have always been dressing in a more fun way. An absolute advantage of it is that, like it or not ,these elements on our clothes and outfit bring the spring and make us happier especially if you have to deal with the cloudy London weather all year round. What is worth mentioning, is the way that things have changed, as a couple of years ago Asian countries were hugely influenced by the Western countries, something that has changed, as we now see Europeans, Americans and every one  from the Western world to be hugely influenced and imitate Asian habits. Not only habits on fashion but  on  food, indoor design etc.

Anyway, the truth is that you will find this heart and flower trend in all sort of things, from dresses and tops to sneakers, bags and swimwear, so its time to bring some joy in your outfit 😉 Inspo below!

Time to add this trend in your life and if you feel that in clothing is too bold then you can definitely go for shoes that feature it!

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