It is this time of the year again… when all the stores start looking like outlets and customers line up to take their favorite (long-spotted) items cheaper but this year I want you to think wiser; instead of buying anything, invest in those things that will be trendy next year as well!

The NUMBER ONE which is an all times classic item and you really need to have (if you don’t have already) is the black stiletto. You can wear it at the office, go out for a dinner or combine it with your (next year’s) New Year’s Eve dress so it is an absolute “must have”!

The next thing you are going to need is a pair of “sport oxford“. This is what the forecasters said and that is what I am telling you as well 😛 . So, even if you thought that “enough is enough” with the brogues and the oxford shoes, the news are that you are definitely gonna see them for another two years which means that it’s not too late to invest in a pair of them.

The fitted boot and the sock boot will be winners for another two years at least! During winter 17/18, we will see them in both formal and more casual versions, paired with skirts, flowy dresses and cropped flared trousers!

NO, this winter don’t buy any more over the knee boots, not that they won’t be worn next year but the forecasters actually predicted that the knee high boots will be much more trendy in two years from now. So maybe, it is time to buy a pair that you can actually wear for the rest of the decade 😉

The western effect is not only growing to me but pretty much to everyone… It is not only Vetements or Choe suggesting it but most of the brands showcased even one pair of western boots in their collection; and the ultimate way to wear them, is with a romantic dress of course!

Last but not least, is the trend of the decade as they call it and I am referring of course to the sneakers and the athleisure trend. Meaning that, if you still haven’t bought a pair of smart sneakers then you should do it now as this decade has another four years to go 😉 .

After all these information I really expect you to buy shoes wisely to wear next year and the year after … That is why I call this post Investments!