Marbella, oh that’s a yes!

We may just went for three days but they were so full that felt like a week or something. To begin with, we were cursed and that’s for sure. Has it ever happened to you to be so excited about something that you share it with everyone and then everything goes wrong? I am sure it has.

We had 2 hours flight delay, and when we arrived the sky was covered with dark grey clouds and it was pouring. This meant that our tanning and swimming plans were immediately cancelled. However, when you are with your best friend you always find things to do, right? We had lunch and we laughed until our stomachs started hearting haha.

The night the bad luck hit again as they couldn’t find at the reception the name of the restaurant they had book us so we had to go to Puerto banus and walk for an hour in order to find a nice place to sit. I still feel that it was not the right area to find an ideal place for food. For this stroll, I wore my Vicmatie jagged flatforms that added some height on me but didn’t look too formal. They were also ideal for walking around.


The following day we decided to walk to Nikki beach (it was super close) and finally enjoy the sun. It was lovely, although I have to mention that like the Greek sea nowhere. Honestly you couldn’t even see your legs under the water! Of course at the sea I had my moses slippers with me, they are so cool and comfy.


In the evening, we tried to go to the Cavalli club but of course it was closed (the curse I was telling you) so we ended up in another place that they have stopped serving so we only had olives and bread for dinner 😛 . The good thing is that I got the chance to wear my lovely Vicmatie booties which I paired with some red leather jeggings and a simple black top. Honestly, the shoes were looking stunning!


The last day we decided to chill at the hotel (I couldn’t really move from the huge amount of breakfast I ate anyway), we got some more tan, we packed and now we are back to the rainy London. I can’t believe it is July and the weather is like that!

No matter the bad luck we had a great time and I would totally advise anyone to go. Ok choose Greece first of course, but it is always nice to explore different countries as well.

*Tip: Rent a car, the taxi tariffs are crazy.