Mini bags are the ultimate trend that you cannot miss! They are  little treasures that can be worn on your evening walks or even during your busy days! In other words, mini bags are so comfy and cute!!

Gianni Chiarini Three Small Nude Crossbody Mini Bag

Gianni Chiarini Three:

In nude color… all time classic!


Gianni Chiarini Galatea...

Because red is the new black! You may wear it on your waist or crossed over your chest!


Vic Matie Mini Crossbody..

Little treasure in white!


Vic Matie Mini Crossbody...

With unique quilted logo in black!


Coccinelle Tebe Signal Blue...

What else for your summer?!


Coccinelle is an Italian Brand established in 1978 in the Parma province that today is renowned all over the world. Moreover, this famous brand provides bags, shoes, and accessories that interpret the modern woman. In addition, the products are dynamic, glam, and  urban. Moreover, the special features of  Coccinelle bags are the style identity and production quality. Therefore, the Italian designs are made of the highest quality materials and offering refined feminine shapes.

Initially, in the late 1990s Gianni Chiarini established his factory in Italy, the synonym of elegance and practicality. In addition, artisan craftsmanship creates leather goods that are so sophisticated. Moreover, Gianni Chiarini bags’ characteristic is simplicity. Concluding, Gianni Chiarini bags embody a sophisticated, cosmopolitan ideal of elegance.

Vic Matié, begun in 1987, is a brand of Linea Marche spa. This company specialized in footwear that since 1972, that produces the brands O.X.S.  Moreover, their rubber Sole with headquarters in the Marche. In other words, Marche is one of two regions of Italy where there is an international production of luxury footwear. Concluding, the mission of the brand is not only to create beautiful products in line with fashion trends, but to design objects that can withstand the test of time.

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