It feels like yesterday, when I was at home the first day of 2016, dancing around happy for winning the lucky charm and making dreams for the year that just passed…But finally the time came, to say BYEEE to 2016 and welcome with open arms 2017! For each of us, 2016 meant something different, one thing though is for sure, 2016 wasn’t the most lucky and happy year for the majority of us..

However, I can admit that 2016 definitely offered us moments to refer to, and that’s what I decided; from now on, I want each year to be special and give me at least one moment to refer to, even if it is a negative one, I really want every new year to be constructive and make me better, stronger and more ambitious. During 2016, I graduated, I moved to a new place and most importantly I brought Niutrack to life!

In the beginning of every new year I want to feel new as well, so I always change my hair a little bit, I wear all these things I have hidden in my wardrobe and I buy one key item that I will be wearing every day, this can be a piece of jewelry or a new everyday bag! This year I did something special which I would surely recommend to you! We gathered with my friends altogether at my place, lighted the fire, cooked pizzas and drunk to an amazing new year! We all talked about all these things that we hated during the year that passed and buried them forever while at the same time we set out goals for the new year (and trust me they are a lot 😉 ). Finally, we all agreed in one thing, 2017 will need to make up for 2016!

So cheers to an amazing 2017!