As we are finished with receiving our new loves (that’s the way I always call our products), we couldn’t help but remember all these moments that inspired us, and honestly they were a lot!

The winners for this season are 3 and I will start with my most favourite one.

Who else? Vetements of course, honestly I can’t help my addiction to these guys and I was lucky enough to actually meet and talk with the one of the two Gvasalias. He is an absolute genius which proves that nothing happens randomly in this life. Anyway, I will go back to the inspiration stuff but promise I ‘ll do a post with what this guy said!

So, I am absolutely in love with the socks shoes and booties and of course who didn’t love the super high over the knee boots with the hoodies! OMG this photo is actual inspo. I will try to forget the collaboration with Juicy and focus on the rest!

The second big love I ‘ve had these past months is Gucci. Did I hear well? Yes, you did, this heritage brand is actually the most “right now” brand you can find. The squared heeled shoes, the lovely patterns and OF COURSE the slippers are the hottest thing you can find out there. You won’t find similar stuff in store and that’s all because my mum pursued me you won’t like them but I wouldn’t mind if you want to prove her wrong!

Last but not least is Balenciaga, maybe the most “to the point” collection we saw for this winter. Offering everything but in a twisted way, this brand can cover any occasion and draw all the attention at the same time. The shoes and bags minimal as always gave us some ideas for our orders. The bad news are, that since my previously mentioned Gvasalia brother took over, the price point is clearly higher than ever.

Well, that’s all for now and don’t forget to try something of the above trends by buying from the links below!