How do you feel about pool slides?

Oh I don’t mean how do you feel about pool slides worn by the pool, I am talking about wearing pool slides everywhere; how do you feel about that?

Basically, I am referring to these posh fit flops (because thats what they really are :P) worn with or without socks on a daily basis; how does that sound?

After the slippers in the winter, the pool slides are the new ugly shoes to become the most mainstream current trend and the truth is that I personally love them. Not only they are super comfortable but they look super smart as well. Actually, I wore them with a suit the other day at work and people were getting crazy about them.

And for those of you wondering when did this trend appeared, it was some seasons ago when we saw the sisters Hadid wearing the Adidas slides, the classic ones, the ones you were wearing ages ago when you had swimming classes. What followed was a collaboration of Puma and Rihanna who created together these pink furry pool slides and then we saw more and more brands even the most high end ones entering the game…

If I pursued you that this is what you need for this summer, which I hope I did then you can shop from photos below the beautiful moses ones that we have 🙂