Unmade Faux Leather Black Button-up Skirt

Original price was: €98.00.Current price is: €84.00.

  • Designed in Denmark
  • Faux leather
  • Soft texture
  • Delicate washing in washing machine

Original price was: €98.00.Current price is: €84.00.

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Unmade Faux Leather Black Button-up Skirt

Unmade Faux Leather Black Button-up Skirt is the best skirt for every season! Designed in Denmar this Unmade skirt features faux leather materials that are animal friendly. Moreover, the buttons that go all the way down t the center of the skirt are there not only as an accesory, but also to provide you with different slyling ideas! You can combine your unmade skirt with everything, from t-shirts to crop tops even with a simple shirt. Furthermore, this black skirt is the ideal skirt for the automn as well as the winter.  Wear your Unmade Faux Leather Black skirt and match it with everything to elevate your look!

Unmade Copenhagen is a young Danish brand. Established in Copenhagen, in Spring 2016 with a desire to create accessories that inspire and compliment women. They have their own design studio were all the prints and artworks are made exclusively for the Unmade Women. They take contemporary designs and make it into their own by rethinking the way to use a fabric or add small details that makes it one of a kind. The Unmade look has characteristics such as the contrasts between the feminine and masculine, vintage, new and sporty styles, blended with signature powerful prints and unique fabrics. At Unmade, they believe that accessories aren’t just something you add to your look.


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