When the slipper trend started about two years ago, none believed that it would actually become a major trend that we (everyday people) would adopt! Many times we have seen shoes in the runways that really made a statement but never made it to the highstreet… However, this is not the case here as we can actually wake up get dressed and wear our slippers to go everywhere.

Slippers are similar to classic loafers in shape – or some times they are actually loafers with foldable heel- but are polished enough to allow you wear them from the office with a tailored skirt and shirt to your weekend off-duty getaways with your favorite jeans and a plain tee on top. The best part of all is wearing them when travelling as whats better than feeling comfortable in the airplane or the boat; plus you wont have to take them off at the airport security 😉 .

In case you think that slippers are too casual and informal for your style  maybe you still haven’t understood that the kind of slippers we are talking about are super polished and as chic as it may get…

See below inspirations on how to style them; so tomorrow morning you wont hesitate to slip on the no matter the occasion!

And if you still haven’t got a pair, then our PF16 slippers might be the ideal slipper for you 🙂