Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers…

AAA and a little bit of sneakers!

It is this season “must” that’s true and you can see it worn in the most unconventional ways. Living in London gave me so much inspiration on how to wear them, I wish I have taken some street style shots to share them with you (I will do it next time!).

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I have to say that even if it is the 5th season in a row to see them in the runways we still haven’t got bored of them.

 The reasons for me are two:

  1. They are SO SO SO comfortable that even if you are the chicest woman in the world you don’t want to take them off
  2. They now come in the craziest combinations and with materials that you didn’t even know they existed.

 Let me also share with you a secret… We will see them for at least another two seasons so make sure you invest in a pair (or maybe more :P) of them.

 Have a beautiful sneaker day