And finally that day has arrived… the first day of summer is officially here! I don’t know if you are like me and start counting the days from February but every year the 1st day of June for me is like finishing school even if I haven’t been there for quite a long time. So it’s time to quit the diet, admit that whatever you managed to do at the gym so far is done and go for shopping! In my mind, summer shopping is very simple and is just all about holiday shopping, I might have to go to the office every day but I really can’t be bothered to shop clothes for my everyday routine life. So, after searching on Instagram for hours just for some inspiration; I found the bikini of my dreams and apart from that all  I need is some denim shorts, some oversized shirts, a couple of flowy relaxed dresses and of course shoes and bags!

So, if you are ready to invest on those shoes and bags that you will pack for your summer holidays then you should definitely have a look on the ones I picked for you below 😉