Summer walks are perfect if you are  nature lover, if you enjoy walking with friends, family or alone. In that case, walking can be your favorite hobby. From your walks on your vacation to your busy days at the city, you need the suitable shoes to cope with it.

Minorquines Avarca Platja black leather sandals

… so comfy!  In addition, black color is always a classic choice for any time long.

Alberto Gozzi Delizia

the shine on your legs! Furthermore, the double texture golden color band is the icon effect in these sandals.

Uno8uno Elba

 funky animal instict! Moreover, high quality italian leather covers these unique Uno8uno sandals. 

Minorquines Avarca Platja

crossing miles with them! Additionally, the long beige leather upper covers your toes in an easychic way. 

Maypol Ecomo

with double strap on the upper, perfect for your summer walks! In addition, the leather insole of this Maypol sandals is so soft and comfortable!


Minorquines started in Menorca, the least well-known Balearic island, where the production of shoes and sandals has been a tradition since the end of the 19th century. The great idea was to make the sole from the rubber tread of a used tyre…The sandals were adopted by the Menorcan people in the 1960s, and the island’s cobblers started to make these sandals to order. From that moment on the sandals became popular with the rest of the inhabitants of the Balearic islands and with tourists who took them home in their suitcases. The name given to the sandals by French tourists was “Minorquines”.

The Alberto Gozzi brand draws its name from the founder, who has long been a leader among Italian shoemakers. Alberto Gozzi blended cutting edge manufacturing with technological innovation. In addition to a contemporary, modern look, there is meticulous attention to detail at every phase of production. Each Alberto Gozzi shoe goes through at least eighty manufacturing steps. Femininity and exclusivity are the right adjectives to describe shoe collections dedicated to women who know how to choose and who are seek the top. Women who know how to play with accessories and want to leave a mark when they pass, without giving up comfort.

The brand Uno8uno was named after the date it was born on, 18.1.2011: an adventure which began with the challenge of creating an amusing and trendy slipper. 181 quickly met with increasing success, in several countries, appearing in the most prestigious points of sale. Each season leads to evolutions in style, while constantly respecting trending fashions. A brand designed by an eclectic team with a passion for fashion, drawing inspiration from many trips through custom and costume. A product entirely made in Italy, created by the skilful hands of craftsmen, while constantly highlighting original creativity.

The essence and philosophy of Maypol whose goal is the cosmopolitan and modern woman seeking comfort and sophistication in their daily lives. Additionally, product made by hand, maintaining the tradition of its origins and printing a unique character  with exclusive beauty. Moreover, original designs, materials and comfortable ergonomics care for women of our time. Concluding, the final balance to the international picture emerges from the hands of the next generation projecting the world as a cosmopolitan product and adapting it to the needs of the modern woman.