Summertime ceremonies mean that summer has come!! Moreover, weddings, christenings, anniversaries are on top of your summer events. As a result, you must get ready for your summertime ceremonies!!

the-bag-back-suede-pumps (1)

The Bag Black Suede Pumps

your ultimate choice any time long! Moreover, high quality suede leather features these black pumps!!


Menbur Vertova In Black

 In addition, the black multi strap upper is a remarkable element on Vertovas!!


Abbacino Black Velvet Clutch

Furthermore, this clutch is exactly what you need to team your evening shoes!!


Miista Eva Yellow Metallic Gold…  

 Additionally, the yellow gold metallic color provides you with the shine you need!!

Menbur Vertova Silver High Heels

 In addition, the silver color block  heel of 7.5cm provides extra height without losing any of their comfort or their stability!

Gianni Chiarini Victoria Metallic Leather Clutch...

Moreover, suede leather features the upper inside, which is an outrageous detail!!


The Bag With Gold Kitten Heel

Furthermore, the style of these pumps remind us something of 60’s!!!


Menbur Verbicaro Silver Sandals

Additionally, if you want to show your romantic mood, now its the time!


Initially, in the late 1990s Gianni Chiarini established his factory in Italy, the synonym of elegance and practicality. In addition, artisan craftsmanship creates leather goods that are so sophisticated. Moreover, Gianni Chiarini bags’ characteristic is simplicity. Concluding, Gianni Chiarini bags embody a sophisticated, cosmopolitan ideal of elegance.

  Abbacino’s cheerful and colourful designs are clearly Mediterranean in character. In addition, the balance between form and function are the major values that make up the brand’s DNA.  Moreover, thanks to the firm’s passion, Abbacino’s exclusive formats and technological fabrics set us apart. Concluding, their designs are outstanding not only for their remarkable style, but for their daring use of fine materials.

For Menbur, after more than 40 years creating footwear and accessories, obsession remains the same, to listen to woman. Also to understand her, to surprise her in special unique moments in her everyday life. Moreover, their history cannot be understood without her. Furthermore, Menbur  shoes and accessories are the perfect choice for ceremonies and special occasions. Moreover, they are based on the perfect balance between elegance, glamour and naturalness. Menbur designs rely on the know-how and modernity: concepts that become visible in every Menbur collection.

Miista brings together opposites in deliberate juxtapose. Moreover, Miista embodies an elegant balance in the unusual through an informed marriage of design, material and craft. In addition, it’s a pastiche of all those childhood memories of the Atlantic coast of Galicia. For Miista, feminity isn’t just comfort it is comfortable shoes.

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