As I might have already told you, I have decided with my best friend to visit a new place in Europe every summer. As I have spent almost all my summers in Greece, I am really trying to explore a different place every year. This summer after lots of research we decided to go to Algarve, Portugal for three days.

After an exhausting week I was very happy to board on a plane with destination a place by the sea, as I ‘ve missed it so much this year.

When we arrived, we got the car from the rental place (renting a car is a must) and started driving towards the hotel. The nature reminded me so much of Greece, I felt for a bit like being back home.

We arrived at the hotel exhausted as we had woke up very early but the hotel was beautiful! You can always find very good deals if you book in advance. The first day we decided to stay at the beach under our hotel. Apparently, this beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the area, it is called Praia de Sao Rafael and is gold sanded, has magnificent colors of sea water, full of caves to explore and secret coves to sunbathe in.

Swimming in Portugal is quite different than in Greece as you literally swim in the ocean and you can’t see any short of land around you. After spending the entire day under the sun (I really needed that) we had a late light lunch and got ready for the night. Actually I was very lucky as it happened that two of my best friends were in the area the same days, so  we joined them for dinner in Salmora, in Vilamoura. Salmora had a twisted mediterranean – portuguese cuisine based on tapas and the prices were very reasonable. Then we moved to a bar in Villamoura in order to get a drink which was by the sea but I cant recall its name 😛

The following day we woke up very early as we really wanted to make the most out of the day. In the beginning we were planning to rent a boat however we didnt manage to find a slot so we went to the most famous beach in the area called Praia da Marinha where we stayed all day. In the evening we had booked at Canico which is a beautiful restaurant situated in Portimao. This was about an hour drive but it was definitely worth it as the food was great and the restaurant is literally hanging in the edge of the rocks and has a stunning view. The food was amazing in its simplicity with fresh fish, crabs and shrimps being winners and the prices being more than reasonable. The night was beautiful under the sounds of the live jazz music…

The following day which was also the last one, the weather was super windy, so we decided to stay at the pool of the hotel all day and completely relax. The last day of holidays is always so melancholic when you have to go to work the following day.

The only shoes I packed for these days were my Paola Ferri flatforms and of course my Moses. In 3 days I am leaving the city again and I am looking so much forward to it, lets all have an amazing summer 🙂