Come on let’s face it, we all love sales, who can resist to this -…% especially when you see it for an item that you have been wanting for a while. However, that’s the exact moment that you need to bring the logic back and remind yourself that it’s August, holidays for most of us are over and next year you wont even remember about these sandals you bought on sales and are perfectly new in your closet.

So. my advice is of course to take full advantage of the fact that most things are on final sale but also to actually go for these items that you can wear this year and at least until October.

Check what you really need below and click on the photos of each product for further info 😉

The western boots that I have told you so many times that you need them but you still haven’t bought them

The black n white trendy sneakers

The new everyday bag

The nude-ish pointed pump

The loafer OF COURSE