The elegance that characterizes the white color is incontrovertible. It accents the cleanliness of a look making it so chic wearing white in summer.. Furthermore, white color can be part of your special occasions as well as your casual looks! So, enjoy shopping!

Maypol leather slides...

with a crossover upper! Moreover, expertly crafted in Spain from soft leather are ideal for your weekend strolls in the city or your island getaways. 

Maypol Opus mule flatforms

for your all day outings with white in summer! Furthermore, the jute line mid sole gives a summer mood. 

Maypol Opal flatforms

 the same comfort in tie version!  Moreover, high quality leather features Maypol jute platforms.

Maypol Sosiar leather espadrilles

who doesn’t love a star on a daily base?!  In addition, black logos, gold color accessories and a double stitched star on the upper make these flats so remarkable shoes.

Maypol Ecomo sandals

or just say ”walking on the sand” ! Furthermore, the big gold color buckle offers the appropriate shine.

Superga 2730 Cotrope...

the ultimate summer sneakers! Moreover, Superga 2730 have premium quality canvas upper that makes them fully breathable.


The essence and philosophy of Maypol whose goal is the cosmopolitan and modern woman seeking comfort and sophistication in their daily lives. Additionally, product made by hand, maintaining the tradition of its origins and printing a unique character  with exclusive beauty. Moreover, original designs, materials and comfortable ergonomics care for women of our time. Concluding, the final balance to the international picture emerges from the hands of the next generation projecting the world as a cosmopolitan product and adapting it to the needs of the modern woman.

It’s hard to believe that Superga is well over 100 years old. Under the care and attention of Walter Martiny in 1911, the Superga factory began to produce shoes with vulcanized rubber soles. It was here, in Turin, Italy, the Classic Superga 2750 heritage style was born. The 2750 became established as the people’s shoe of Italy, and Superga increased its product line with technical sport shoes, rubber rain boots and a growing range of colours and styles.

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